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Don Boyd was an Australian writer, based in Sydney, who wrote many science fiction and horror tales, many of the latter featuring Lovecraftian themes. He also wrote unproduced screenplays including Evil Drop Bear and Them Again (in which the giant ants from the 1950's sf movie Them return), and a produced screenplay Weird Ones.

Boyd was editor of Psychic Australian and Paranormal magazines (later combined as Paranormal and Psychic Australian) in the 1970s.

In the 1980s he was editor of Futuristic, a news-stand science fiction magazine which also appeared under the titles Futuristic Tales and Australian Futuristic Tales.

Boyd was interested in cryptozoology and often accompanied yowie-hunter and author Rex Gilroy on expeditions into the Australian bush in search of the mythical yowie and other semi-mythical creatures.

Boyd was also enthusiastic about the possibilities of nanotechnology and wrote articles and stories centred on this developing science.

Boyd experimented with sculptures and presented many of his friends and colleagues with versions of his famous Cthulhu sculpture.

His own stories were widely published in Australian fanzines, including Ron Clarke's The Mentor, Michael Hailstone's Matalan Rave, and Rod Marsden's Prohibited Matter. Many of his tales , however, many remain unpublished. Rod Marsden published some of the previously-unpublished tales in his zine Masque Noir after Boyd's death.

Boyd died of cancer in 1999.

Masque Noir 3 (Sept 1999) was effectively a Don Boyd memorial issue, containing a story and article by Boyd, stories by some of his compatriots such as Evan Rainer and Geoff Jackson, and tributes by Leigh Blackmore, Rod Marsden and Keith Rex.