First Committee Meeting

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This should include CSC so you can discuss:

What is CSC

  • Reporting to CSC on a regular basis
    • Minutes must be accessible in a timely manner
    • Minutes don't need to be ratified we would rather them sooner than later
  • Approval process (Venue and Budget)
    • Budget Approval is often a multi-step process
    • Budget before bank accounts
    • Membership number guidance should be supplied
  • Style Guide
  • Support you can expect/request


  • Don’t step on previous year's toes
    • volunteers (planning/mailing list/front desk)
    • Grants 18-6 months pre-con or with permission
  • Guests selection should take into account geo-political stability, ask Stefen's Books about marketability
  • Movies are typically handover in Jan to allow the current ConCom to focus on the convention
  • post con packup, transport and storage


Through CSC as we have a variety of tools already configured

  • Xero - Treasurer
  • Website - Grenadine
  • Ticketbooth - Movies
  • Programming Tools - Grenadine
  • Google Drive - For storing and sharing files
  • Emails (, groups)
    • Swancon Mailbox usages/purpose This provide continuity of communication if someone becomes unexpectedly unavailable
    • Swancon Mailing list - MailChimp
  • Trello
  • Ask about others