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Grant Watson is an Australian-born author, playwright and critic. While he has written for multiple genres, he most commonly works within the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. In November 2010 his non-SF political thriller Cry Havoc was awarded Best New Play at the Perth Theatre Trust Guild Equity Awards.


  • Cry Havoc (2009)
  • Serpentine (2004)
  • You Only Rent Twice (2004)
  • The Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World (2003)
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (adaptation, 2002)
  • Degree Absolute (1998, revised 2001)

Short Stories

  • "The Hunters Tale", Canterbury 2100, ed. Dirk Flinthart, Agog Press, 2008.
  • "PVP", Daikaijuzine, 2007.
  • "Steady", Shadowbox, ed. Shane Jiriaya Cummings, Brimstone Press, 2005.
  • "Hassen's Final Days", Andromedia Spaceways Inflight Magazine #7, ed. Terri Sellen, ASIM Publications, June 2003.
  • "Usagi", Potato Monkey #2, ed. Benjamin Payne, 2002.
  • "Mister God", Fables & Reflections #3, ed. Lily Chrywenstrom, 2002.
  • "Waiting for the Man", Mitch: Hacks to the Max, ed. Anthony Mitchell and Cat Sparks, 2002.
  • "Vidic", Antipodean SF #43, ed. Ion Newcombe, August 2001.
  • "The Deal", Antipodean SF #39, ed. Ion Newcombe, May 2001.
  • "He Tells Your Fortune", Mitch: Tarts of the New Millennium, ed. Anthony Mitchell and Cat Sparks, 2001.
  • "Love is the Ugliest Drug", Masquerade, ed. Sarah Xu, WASFF, 2001.