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Gynaecon is a feminist mini-convention which is held at Swancon. It was inaugurated at Swancon 2000.

The program is not official, but is advertised ad hoc in places such as public toilets at the convention venue.

Discussions are usually round-table, and held in private hotel rooms. They are normally open to all, although occasionally they are closed to men.

Gynaecon has also provided panels within the main Swancon programme.

Gynaecon now has a Livejournal Community located here: [1]


Some examples of topics which have been discussed in the past:

  • Non-gendered pronouns (ze, zer)
  • Building communities
  • Is there sexism in Swancon programs?
  • Alternative methods of menstruation management
  • Bra burning :)
  • Relationships in SFF
  • Fat, Feminism and Fandom

Gynaecon also has workshops and Events:

  • Clothes Swap
  • T-shirt printing of Feminist Slogans and Artwork
  • Bellydancing

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