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The Standing Committee of the Natcon Business Meeting is a committee established in 2001 to assist the Natcon Convention Committee in matters which are "other than year-to-year". Its existence was subsequently formalised with a set of rules under the Natcon Constitution.


The Natcon Standing Committee was formed by the Business Meeting of the 2001 Natcon, and has managed the Ditmar rules since that time. The Business Meeting of the 2007 NatCon, voted for the establishment of a standing Ditmar Sub-committee to administer the Ditmar Awards. The following year the Meeting approved the suggestion that the Standing Committee (of the Business Meeting) manage the awards.

Ditmar Award administration

A sub-committee of the Standing Committee, chaired by Standing Committee Chair David Cake, was formed to manage the Ditmar Awards for 2009, and released a ballot on 08-May-2009.

Subsequent awards have been similarly managed by a sub-committee of the Standing Committee.

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