Nullus Anxietas 2

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Nullus Anxietas 2

The 2nd Australian Discworld Convention

Dates: Friday Feb 27th to Sunday Mar 1st, 2009

Disorganising Committee

Archchancellor: Mark Hayes

Vice of Something: Suzie Eisfelder

General: Rae Boyd

Leader of the Guild of Sidekicks: Nathan Cooper

Head of Technomancy: David Crisp

Programming: Ben Hughes

Bursar: Kerry Hughes

Chair Wrangler: Katie Watson

Mispronouncer of Long Words and Reader of Inarticulate Writing: Deb Zander

Pat Allan

Official Advisor: Lucy Zinkiewicz

Lt Blouse: Danny Sag

Artist in Residence: Sarah Kinder


Storey Hall, RMIT, Melbourne