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(Note that the below is stale: we haven't done screenings since the pandemic began.)

Movie screenings are a win-win-win: the fans get to see movies cheap with other fans; the Swancon keeps their name at the front of fans' minds; and the cinema captures business that would have otherwise gone elsewhere.

The labour investment necessary from the Swancon end is that you need one or two people to remind the Swancon list; accept ticket reservations from fans via phone, email etc.; contact the cinema with numbers on the day; and stand in the foyer and accept money and cross off names. At least one person has to be in the foyer right up to the start of the movie: don't expect every last fan to be early.

Common tasks

  • Choose movies to run screenings for
  • Liaise with cinema management to book screening times for chosen movies
  • Liaise with the yourself/marketing to promote screenings
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to handle takings from screenings
  • (If applicable) Liaise with the co-running Genghiscon contact
  • Create and print tickets


Movie screenings are primarily a social server to provide the community with opportunities for social gathering and are less about fund-raising. Since Swancon is only once per year, the movie screenings help to keep Swancon in the minds of our members and show them that the committee is functioning and active. If you sell the tickets in 2 tiers; member / full price, it will also entice people to pay their membership early.

We are not currently share movie screening events with Genghiscon but would like to.


  • Prepare a list of the movies that are going to be released from present until next March, and ask for suggestions from committee/community members.
  • Introduce yourself to the appropriate Genghiscon committee person, and discuss if they would like to co-run screenings. Remember; there will be a bit of non-co-op between February - Easter as the GC switch-over is in January.
  • Introduce yourself to appropriate cinemas close to the CBD. We have a *exceptional* relationship with Reading Belmont and I would not advise changing.

It is important that even if you speak to them in person or on the phone get them to send an e-mail confirmation. If there is any doubt on the night you can show them a copy of the e-mail, and there will be no confusion as to the price. (I have defiantly had the “We don’t usually charge $11 and there is no manager on tonight...”)

  • For each movie you need to decide if you are going to show it in 2D or 3D. The community is pretty much moved to a preference for 2D. For quality; look at weather the movie was shot or edited in 3D. If a film was shot in 3D, 3D is better; if it was edited in post 2D is better. Some of the movies that did not do well will only show in 3D. Keep in mind there are people who physically cannot see 3D movies.
  • Once you have confirmed what date, place and movie you are going to show call up the cinemas and book it in. (or confirm that Genghiscon has) they will be able to book you in for a date but not a time until the week of the screening. Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, the Website and send out to the mailing list (done by making web post). It is okay to have the time as TBA 'til the Monday before the screening.
  • Make sure someone changes the event notices to the right time. If a screening starts at 6:30pm, write “arrive at 6:15pm for a 6:30 start”, there is nothing that makes a treasurer more frustrated than having to sell tickets/count money and miss the start of a movie. Send out a reminder to the mailing list.
  • At some point, draw up the tickets. There should be a template floating around and you should print at least double of what you expect to arrive. Make sure you number them on the back. (this helps us keep track of what has been sold)
  • On the night of the screening make sure you have; the tickets, a list of people who have RSVP’d, (which you need to compile) a cash float (organize with the treasurer to be there, or to pass it on beforehand) and at least 1 other committee member to help out.
  • On the date of the screening, make sure there is someone there early, with the above example, the screening is 6:30, people will start arriving as early as 6:00 and possibly be waiting for you.
  • Approach the team leader/manager/groups person, to say you are here, ready to go and pass them a copy of the ticket template. (the ticket-taker will use it as a reference point)
  • Don’t stress... most con-goers understand that you are volunteering, and are happy to socialize, take your time with each exchange of money to tickets. Usually there would be one person holding the tickets and marking off the RSVP’s, and the other person doing the exchange of moneys.
  • At about 5 minutes before the start of the movie, (or once you’ve marked off all the RSVP’s) count up the moneys. Check that the amount you marked off as given tickets, matches the amount of tickets you have left, matches how much money you have (excluding the float). If possible get two people to count, so you are sure there is going to be no mistakes. (This can be done post-movie if its an early movie)
  • Approach the cinema team leader/manager/groups person, and sign the cheque to pay for the tickets. This can either be done before or after the start of the movie. They will give you a receipt. Keep it! The treasurers needs it for their records.
  • Split the revenue (profit) with Genghiscon (If applicable) straight 50/50 Treasurer will give GC a cheque.
  • Note down the incomings, outgoing and revenue and add to cashbook.
  • Start from 4. Rinse and repeat 10 times!

At the start of the year:

  • Prepare a list of movies (about 10)
  • Introduce yourself to Genghiscon / the Cinema

For every screening

  • Agree with Genghiscon on a movie, a rate, a location, and a date
  • Make a booking with group sales at the cinema
  • Spam people with advertising
  • Check back with the cinema on the Monday before, and advise everyone
  • Print the RSVP’s list and Make and print a sufficient amount of tickets
  • Organise the cash box, EFTPOS and cheque book to be there
  • Have someone arrive early to co-ordinate with Genghiscon and the cinema staff on duty, setup table, Banners, A4 Movie signs can be pinned to table cloth.
  • Count the money and pay the cinema
  • Divide the takings with Genghiscon

Movies posting procedure/checklist

4-5 Weeks prior: Prep

  1. TicketBooth Event Creation (Duplicate)
    1. Check if Reading have published screening times Here.
    2. Go to the template event and click Duplicate).
    3. Check all details and click "Duplicate & Edit"
    4. Click Edit
    5. Update the Synopsis in the Description
    6. Image: Choose file and add a suitable banner
    7. Make the "URL Short Name" something friendly aka SC##-Movie-Titan-2d
    8. Get 2nd person to proof read
    9. Click "Save and Continue" -> Click "Continue" -> Click "Save and Continue" -> Click "Launch the Event"
  2. TicketBooth Mailout/Newsletter
    1. Click "Draft a New Email" -> Select "Swancon Movie [[Event Name]]"
    2. Select events -> Event Date -> All Dates After -> 2015 -> Select All -> Make Selection
    3. Reply-to: Events-20xx@swancon.com.au
    4. Update all mentions of [[Event Name]], [[Event Date]] and [[Venue Address]] as appropriate, [[Customer Name]] does not need updating
    5. Insert synopsis at the bottom of the message
    6. Click "Email Preview" and proof.
      1. BUG: This will send an email for every event selected (this is why the event variables cant be used only the customer one)
      2. BUG: When Send to Recipients is clicked they will only receive ONE email UNLIKE the email preview feature (this has been reported to TicketBooth)
    7. Get 2nd person to proof read.
  3. TicketBooth Reminder Mailout
    1. Click "Draft a New Email" -> Select "Reminder: [[Event Name]]"
    2. Select events -> *Select the relevant event* -> Make Selection
    3. Schedule Delivery -> 25 Hours before event -> Schedule and Save
  4. Facebook
    1. Create event on Facebook page from Facebook Template (make it public, Check 24 hour time)
    2. If copying from Ticketbooth all links need updating.
    3. Link "ticket url"
    4. Add tags
    5. Save as Draft
    6. Get 2nd person to proof read.

3-4 Weeks prior: Posting Checklist

  1. Has everything been proofed:
    1. Ticketbooth Event
    2. Ticketbooth Mailout
    3. Facebook Post
    4. Only if proceed if all have been checked!
  2. Post TicketBooth Event
    1. Tweet Can be sent out from Ticketbooth events page "Share this event:" top right corner after Publishing.
  3. Publish Facebook Event
    1. Share event with Facebook group
  4. Google+
    1. Create the event (Check 24 hour time)
    2. Event options -> Advanced -> Show more options
    3. Website URL: swancon site
    4. Ticket seller URL: Ticketbooth page
    5. YouTube URL: Trailer
    6. To: Public
    7. Share on Swancon community as announcement

Monday the week of

  1. Confirm movie start time with Cinema
  2. Update TicketBooth Event so reminder emails advises people of correct time.
  3. Update all events descriptions from "Tentative start time is 6pm" to "We have the confirmed start time as X.XXpm"
  4. Update and print movie tickets from ticket template
  5. Update and print table posters (recommend taking pins)


  1. If required/necessary advise movie cinema of numbers at 2pm
  2. Take:
    1. CashBox
    2. Tickets
    3. Eftpos Machine (Remember to turn on and start a transaction so it logs in prior to first ticket sale, can be turned off by holding Func + Clear)
    4. Paypal Here
    5. Exhibition Banners
    6. Posters