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This page lists Tech tasks for the sftech group.

If you're a member of the sf public, feel free to add suggestions to this list (although you should entertain no illusions about them getting done within cosmological time).

Things to do or to set up

  • an asset register of WASFF controlled technical resources. I think this would be best kept in wiki form.
  • (actual control and access to these resources to be kept by the WASFF Administrator).
  • the sub-committee might or might not be involved in upkeep of the WASFF web site once it emerges from the web sub-committee.
  • User:David Cake [thinks] it would be useful for the group to help with whatever updates to MediaWiki etc. would help the wiki move to full operation.
  • consolidate all domain names to as few services as practical, etc.
  • produce another wiki page detailing procedures and contact details for who to talk to about outages etc.
  • add information about technical issues to the Red Book.
  • work with the newly created WASFF membership officer (Michael Dawson; also Anna Hepworth) to create a membership database that can be used by multiple conventions, and will enable us to hand data on to future natcons (as now required by the Ditmar rules).
  • In addition, the membership database should also have some mechanism for members to update their details, perhaps through a web portal