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Convention series in Tasmania.

Thylacon 3 was a tour of Tasmania and relaxacon following Aussiecon Three.

Year Name Chairs Dates Location Guests of Honour
1995 Thylacon Robin Johnson and Cary Lenehan 9-12 June Hadley's Hotel Hobart Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Nichols, Grant Stone
1998 Thylacon 2 Robin Johnson and Cary Lenehan 5-8 June Hadley's Hotel Hobart George R. R. Martin, Leanne Frahm
1999 Thylacon 3 Robin Johnson 7-12 Sept Tasmania (none)
2005 Thylacon 2005 (Thylacon IV) Tansy Rayner Roberts 10-13 June Wrest Point Hotel Anne Bishop, Marianne de Pierres, and (fan) Merv Binns