Who Con 4

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Who Con 4

Who Con 4 was the fourth national Doctor Who convention, held on Jan 8th-10th 1988 in Perth, Western Australia.


  • Co-ordinator: Tim Richards
  • Secretary and Booklet Editor: Steve McArthur
  • Treasurer: Heather Clark
  • Accomodation, Charity, and Funraising Co-ordinator: Brian Trump
  • Special Guest Co-ordinator: Maree Hollier
  • Security and Time Lords' Ball Co-ordinator: Damian Magee
  • Convention Production Manager: Alan Creaser
  • Sponsors Co-ordinator: William Duffy
  • Media Publicist: John Richards
  • Computer Assistant: Stephen Pennells


Katy Manning, Robert Jewell, Tristram Cary


The convention was held at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre at the University of Western Australia, Perth.

The Time Lord's Ball was held at the Pagoda Ballroom in Como, Perth.

Door prices

  • Full Membership: $20
  • Time Lord's Ball: $12
  • Supporting Membership: $5



The convention was opened by the ABC weather presenter John Barnett. The ABC sent a television crew to record the event, but unfortunately there was a technical problem with the lighting - as a result no video was broadcast by the ABC.

The Invasion

The convention featured the screening of the second Doctor story "The Invasion" which included a locally produced fan recreation of the two missing episodes.


The full Who Con 4 Programme (with membership list blanked out) contains details on the production of "The Invasion", letters from Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy as well as biographies for each of the guests of honour.