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The Ditmar subcommittee is an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Natcon Standing Committee responsible for the Ditmar Awards.

They can be contacted by emailing: ditmars@sf.org.au


The subcommittee is composed entirely of members of the Standing Committee who have made conflict-of-interest declarations (ie. who have either stated that they have no work eligible for the awards, or have formally withdrawn any such work from eligibility) in the relevant year.


The subcommittee are responsible for:

  • Management of the nomination process
  • Generation of a ballot
  • Management of the voting process
    • Maintenance of voting (and nomination) software
  • Generation of a list of award winners
  • Presentation of a report to the business meeting

Generally, the responsibilities of liaising with the convention committee and managing the Ditmar rules is retained by the Standing Committee as a whole. The Standing Committee is not formally responsible for administering any eligibility lists.

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