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The Swancon Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the team of people who produce the final program, including:

  • community engagement to seek program items, descriptions & participants;
  • development of program items & descriptions to suit guests of honour;
  • development of program items & descriptions relevant to the theme of the convention;
  • selection of a balanced range of items & genres to fill the program;
  • seeking additional participants for program items where required, eg to obtain panellist parity;
  • communication with participants about their availability, & AV requirements;
  • scheduling of items in the program, taking into account participant, AV and room availability;
  • producing the final program, both grid & descriptions for the Program Book;
  • producing a hotel briefing on room requirements / resets with the Venue Liaison;
  • notifying panellists of their schedules;

The CSC's Programming subcommittee (which usually consists of previous and future Swancon programmers) is available to help with most of these things;

For more specifics about developing the program, see Swancon Programming.