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The Natcon is the informal name for the Australian National Science Fiction Convention.


The Natcon is not an independent series of conventions; rather, one Australian convention is designated to be the Natcon each year, and it moves around between states regularly. There are no particular restrictions on which conventions may bid to be the Natcon. Large and small conventions have been the Natcon, Natcons have taken place in all states of Australia (though not all territories). Long ongoing conventions such as Swancon have bid for the Natcon regularly, and conventions have been organised just for the purpose of holding the Natcon.


A bid for a convention to become the Natcon should be made at the business meeting of the Natcon two years before the provided date. Natcons should then present a progress report at the convention one year before their convention, and a convenor's report at the business meeting in the year the convention is held.


The Natcon has its own constitution, and conventions bidding for the Natcon should abide by its rules.

There are two essential aspects to running a Natcon. One is that there must be a business meeting of the Natcon. The other is that the Ditmar awards must be decided and given out.


It is tradition that the Natcon can choose to run over Easter, and that other Australian conventions should avoid competing with it if it chooses to do so. Many Natcons do not choose to take up this offer, its relatively rare for a non-Swancon to do so. Swancon usually ran over the Easter weekend up until 2019, but more recently has avoided Easter.

Standing Committee

main article: Natcon Standing Committee.

The Natcon now has a permanent standing committee, who deal with issues related to the Ditmars and other issues that the business meeting might require. A Natcon will have a representative on this committee from when it wins the bid, until the Natcon that succeeds them, this representative being either the convention chair or a delegated representative.

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