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The Committee

In general don't try to do everything yourself, there are a lot of people who can do things better than you - find them! Target specific individuals for specific jobs - and it will help if these 'specific individuals' are outside the committee structure.

Core committee of 5 These should, in reality, be policy positions. These 5 positions MUST be done! If any single one of these does NOT get done, it has the potential to destroy the convention.

Should try to keep a general overview of everything. Record what and when you have asked people to do things. Help out but don't run any particular thing if possible.

Responsible for all correspondence. This is possibly a good position for guest liaison. Keeping in contact with all outside bodies.

This can be a very easy job if done properly from the start. Should be responsible for fund raising.

It is not necessary for the programming committee person to do programming, but they must co-ordinate and oversee programming.

A vastly underrated job: it affects so many different areas and can cause so many problems. Ask any people ever involved in a Swancon committee, and you will find that the single constant problem of all Swancons is with the hotels! Hotels don't understand, even when you explain it to them.

All these positions should have assistance -- no-one should work alone. It is very hard to motivate yourself, a second person, even if they are unable to help, can act as inspiration to get things done!

Lots of subcommittees are good, as long as they are willing to take direction, and they communicate back to the core committee.

Other things to think about

  • Are all committee meetings open to everyone?
  • Are you going to separate 'ideas' meetings and 'progress' meetings?
  • How often do you want reporting of progress?
  • How formal are meetings?
  • Subcommittees should not be establishing policy, and should be co-ordinated by someone on the core committee. However, the old rule applies, whatever they are doing, they are doing it and because they are doing it, it is getting done, and if they don't, no one will. (Don't fix it if it's not broke.) They are volunteers; they need to be happy with what they are doing. Define policy early so they know about it before they commit themselves!

Timing of meetings

Once a month until about 6-8 months before the con. Then fortnightly until the last 1-2 months, when you will be meeting weekly.

Form of meetings

Try having social stuff at the beginning, a meal, or a coffee. You are going to work with these people for a long time. You need to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses as committee members.

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